We are a team of older professional men who’ve experienced firsthand the shame, the frustration, the fears, feelings of inadequacy, and helplessness that go with having Erectile Dysfunction.

We are all long term ED sufferers and have experimented with countless remedies, practices, potions and pills over a long period of time. We’ve been ripped off and scammed too many times over the years with countless claims of “proven effective ED remedies” that promised results, yet gave us little to none.

We’ve learned through much trial, error and wasted money what doesn’t work, and what does work. We share what worked for us with others. Just because a remedy works for us does not mean it will work for everyone. Individual results may vary.

For us, a remedy works when it gives a strong, long lasting erection so one can engage in satisfying sex. And the product or remedy must work again and again and again.

We put together this site to share accurate information surrounding scientifically proven ED remedies, shown to work. This includes both pharmaceuticals, along with all natural erectile dysfunction remedies.

The information on this site is never meant to take the place of expert medical advice from your Doctor. You should always seek the guidance of a medical Doctor for diagnosing and treating ED, before using ED medications, including all natural ones, or supplements.

Our mission is to help all men regain their sexual confidence, vigor, vitality, and improved sexual functioning.